“As well as the usual communications tools such as internet access, telephony, mobile phones and Wifi; we provide technology based solutions that allow business’s to measure and therefore manage efficiency and costs”


As 2025 nears with the end of traditional telephone lines and phone systems, we have a range of products and services that will help transition you and your business and retain your current telephone numbers.

Mobile Phones

Offering any of the major networks we can tailor a mobile phone or mobile data package to each and every user. We can source handsets and devices from most of the major manufacturers and also offer a full repair service on mobile devices.

Internet Access

The death of traditional telephone lines will affect the way that Internet access is delivered and all business will have to have changed by 2025. Our portfolio includes traditional PSTN and ADSL replacments all the way through to super fast and resilient business grade internet connections and the routers that connect them.


The Internet of Things – is revolutionising the way we can collect data from devices (things) so that we can manage whatever the “things” are attached to.

Typical examples are  smart refrigerators, smart fire alarms, smart door locks, smart bicycles, medical sensors, fitness trackers, smart security system, ground sensors, water usage sensors etc.

Electrical & Cabling

As building evolve and the contents in them change so does the need for additional or upgraded electrical supply and infrastructure. 

CCTV & Access Control

Protecting and monitoring access to property or spaces is evolving and needs to be kept up to date.

Commercial Utilities

As well as Telecoms and IT mentioned above, we now have the ability to reduce energy costs across Gas, Electric and Water.

Early adoption of these solutions is key to the survival of UK business operation, and it is cheaper and greener to generate electricity through renewables than purchasing conventional electricity from the grid. The electricity a windmill turbine or solar PV panel generates can be fed directly into supply, stored in batteries, or sold to the grid.

Business can harness these infinite energy resources to unlock further financial and environmental benefits whilst capitalising on energy savings and meeting sustainability goals

WiFi & Public Internet Access

Just like the speed of internet access is ever increasing, the speed and technologies of Wifi and the devices attached to that WiFi increase. WiFi Access points therefore a re not a “fit once” solution, they need updating every so often to ensure your WiFi is keeping pace with the people and devices that use it.